Thursday, January 5, 2012

Another Fine Art

One couple recently introduced their three-year-old daughter to the 'fine art' of dishwashing. She so enjoyed her time at the sink. It was regarded as quality playtime.

On sharing this news with other parents, some were shocked at a three-year-old washing dishes - and appearing to enjoy it. Apparently, other pre-schoolers had wanted to help in their kitchens but were dissuaded by their parents.

"How strange," commented the couple, "and then when the children become teenagers and no longer desire to clean plates, parents insist that they do!"

Of course, the issue is not simply about washing dishes. Rather, it has to do with loving, honouring and obeying God. As children love, honour and obey their parents, they are showing respect for God, and as they do that they can discover meaning and purpose in their lives.